Cloud Computing Infographics :: Philippines Data 2010

Courtesy of Exist Global – Morphlabs

This is very relevant today as Private Clouds remain to be a hot topic with 2 major product releases within hours of each other.

Morphlabs mCloud Controller for the Enterprise is a comprehensive cloud computing platform, delivered as an appliance, which converts commodity hardware into a cloud environment. Now incorporating ECA, mCloud Controller 2.5 provides enterprises with immediate access to the building blocks and binding components of a fault tolerant, elastic and highly automated platform. It runs highly reliable applications and services while addressing the industry-wide need for a definitive cloud architecture for the enterprise. To support the leading platforms, mCloud Controller will have built-in ECA compliant support for Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is the world’s first and only integrated middleware machine—a combined hardware and software offering designed to revolutionize data center consolidation. Enterprises can bring together tens, hundreds, or even thousands of disparate, mission-critical, performance-sensitive workloads on Oracle Exalogic with maximum reliability, availability, and security.

At the same time that Oracle announced its “cloud in a box”, its on-and-off partner, HP also announced a private cloud solution based on the HP Converged Infrastructure and customized for Oracle applications. The solution is likely to go head-to-head with Oracle’s newly announced Exalogic Cloud in a Box.

For the 71% of the Filipino companies who plan to jump into cloud computing in the next 12 months, consider business agility over cost efficiencies. Of course it helps to know that most solutions including that of HP is priced at $ 700,000 a pop.

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