Lakers’ Road to Glory [Infographic]


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  • Valaniceto

    parang sales projection/marketing plan   during our ptdi/best days..galing!!! di ka parin kumukupas pareng efa…sana dinagdag mo if they are televised (via tnt,espn,abc) para mai-tape ko and savor some of their victories..sayang yung sa hawks and  sa new orleans .. 

  • Junnie Arreza

    Remember this Val, this is LA – it is Hollywood, all of these happening are all being recorded as we think of the subplot and the plot.  If and when (and it is highly possible) – the Lakers reach the finals or even win against Miami or Indiana, that DVD will be the highest Sports DVD of all time.  Grabe, all the summer hiring, coach firing after 5 games, and in fighting makes a great movie.  The Warriors game, Bobcats, Hawks and New Orleans games are evidence that they can easily switch it on.  They’ve beaten OKC already, so no need to prove anything come playoff time.  But first – let’s make the playoffs. No more looking back!